Red Front

The Red Front Plaza


During TAX Season, January to April of each year, you can find The TAX LADY to the Left of our front entrance. 

585 - 216 - 7236

Lisa will assist you in your tax needs and get you a check in a quick manner. 

The TAX LADY has been with the Red Front Plaza since 2008!

NYS Lottery

 Play Numbers, Win 4, Take 5, Lotto, Mega-Millions, Powerball, scratch offs, and Quick Draw at the Red Front and Red Front Liquors. The Red Front lucky numbers are 128 & 384. 

Other Services at the

Red Front Plaza
Notary Public

We offer a Notary Public service at the Red Front. Ask for Nick. 

Basically, you need a document notarized... for whatever reason. I read through it and verify if it is a document that I can notarize - AND, I do like to stay with simple documents for INDIVIDUALS. 

Sorry, corporations, leasing agents, realty services really should use a lawyer and not our Notary. 

You will need an ID, preferably your NYS driver's license or ID card or your NYS Benefit Card with your PICTURE and SIGNATURE clearly seen and recognizable. DO NOT SIGN THE DOCUMENT BEFORE I VERIFY IT. 

After its verified, and your ID is verified, I have you sign the document, I stamp it, document your ID on it, and sign under the Notary seal.

Simple fee$
Simple Signature.
Simple service.


Lil' Mo & Mo's Clothing and Apparel

Stop by in the office building on the Northside of the plaza... The entrance is 130 North Clinton and is locate on the Street side.

Mo has many Urban outfits to choose from along with some scents... You look good, smell good... Ladies will be a flocking!

585-200-0404 is the number is you have a question for the MO.


AND, there is an $ATM$ in the restaurant. For your customer convenience. Red Front does not accept credit cards, so the ATM is a GREAT way to get some lunch and some extra spending cash!




We've got an $ATM$
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