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Our Cast of Characters

This is our Cast of Characters!
And trust us, to work with us, you need to have a personality built for show business :)

Hey, that's me! SO, you're probably asking, "Why are you taking a picture of yourself???"
I'd probably answer, "Because I was happy that day :)!"
My name is Nick and I am one of the owners of the Red Front, version 21st century.
I am a son of a hard working man whom I respect as my role model. I am a 1
4 year
veteran volunteer fireman that believes in giving back to my community. I have grown up
in the food service business and was made to be that way. Dad used to drag me out of bed
when I was 13 on Saturdays to come into work with him.

I welcome you and your family to join me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at our second
home called the RED FRONT. We are a family owned, multi-faceted retail business that not
only makes fast food, but we also have a Liquor Store to serve our adult population in their
quests to celebrate anything in life.

My favorite meal from our establishment is the Red Front Royal. The marriage between the
grilled Italian Sausage and the grilled capicola and onions only to be encased in provolone
cheese and wrapped in musturd and lettuce (for the crunch effect) is just wonderful and
its makes my mouth water when I think of making it - YUM!

Our place is alot of fun! We have live entertainment everyday and we always have smiles
on our faces, but we are human so cut us some slack :)

I look forward to greeting you and yours at our humble home where you can get fed right
for a good price and leave with a happy smile! Thanks! GO BILLS!


              Above pics (Clockwise from top left) are from August 2004 at Bills game, June 2005 teaching pump to Explorers, the BIlls Helmet that ended in 2010, 6/30/2011 holding up the 4th of July Special, and from the Rochester D&C, from 4/13/2011, the Buck Pond Fire - I was in command, as a Captain desiganted 2C67, of this unit (me on the Left), with FF Dean Meyers, Lt Brad Knight (Red helmet in center) and FF Mark Knowles on the tip (spraying water).

I was on TV during the Patriots at Bills game from September 2013.. the Pats missed a FG.

Dad - The Original Nick Penna

No, he isn't as old as the building! But close :) Good thing he doesn't know how to use the computer because he'd smirk. He has also lost more than 80 pounds since this picture was taken in 2008.

Dad was the founder of our current Red Front location. His background was in carpentry and left a struggling 1970's Florida market to be his own boss here in Rochester in 1972.
He still has the first key to open the place, but he can't remember where he left it.

1975 VS. 2013 DAD

He lost alot of weight... Excercise and eat well does work. Here is un from November 2012.

And then us on December 12, 2012 - Red Front's FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY!!!


We love the old guy, and we have fun with him on the same day :)

Dad made Hot Sauce again in March 2013.

Mom - Carol Penna

My mother - what a whipper snapper she was! She could do anything and for many years served as the backbone to our Red Front. Sadly, we lost Mom to cancer back in 2005 and it hasn't been the same since. We love you and miss you very much!

The 2013/2014 RED FRONT CREW:
Renee, Tina, Lori, and Jenifer

Robert "Heriberto" Arzuaga

Robert started with the Red Front when he was 17(ish).
 He's been here longer than the dirt on my front lawn!!! He speaks mostly Puerto Rican, but English is understood and vocalized. He was never tough enough to finish the tattoo around his arm.Robert has always said that he really missed his true calling- stand-up comedian, but then again, he stands most of the day!! Below is from Dec.2012. Currently, We are guessing that he is on sabbatical somewhere again.


Lori Tascione

Lori has been with the Red Front since the early 90's. Nearly all the Taciones have worked for us at one point or another. Each of their kids have grown up waiting on our World-Class clientele! Lori anchors our front end staff. That's her taking your phone order right now!!!!
The Red Front Guy!

Originally developed by local artist and friend, Michael Sparling, in August of 1996, the Red Front Guy became our logo and mascot. Mike can be found at or 585-237-5050 where he takes a simple
scribble and makes it into art. He teaches art to kids and provides personal lessons.


Steve Gormel
Steve got bored of selling Kirbys so he wanted to go back to flipping burgers and eggs. He looks just like Judas Priest's Rob Halford - EXACTLY like him from the 80's. So much so that we taught him how to sell Liquor and he clerks in there too. Go Steve! 

Renee Fulton
Renee is BACK! And, she's better this time. After spending her R&R with Aramark, she has a smile and takes orders and cooks and does prep work. You're gone girl! :)

Can you imagine a dress like this????

Or Frontier Field having an advertising board like this???

Don Billymyer
Don is our go-for.... enough said.

Here is our entire crew from December 12, 2012:

And then with some alumni, in Michael Biondi and Tammy.

Anyone remember Mark Bossert??? He made a comeback at the reunion on 12/12/12:

Even Mr. Scribbles, Mike Sparling, made the trip... here is a drawing specifically for our Anniversary. Thanks for everything Mike!

We are BUFFALO BILLS fans at the RED FRONT!

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