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128 North Clinton Ave. Rochester, New York 14604
The Plaza is the Southeast corner of Andrews Street & North Clinton Avenue.
OPEN Monday Through Friday 6AM to 6PM
 Restaurant # 585-454-4255

Liquor Store is OPEN:
Monday to Wednesday, 8AM to 8PM,
Thursday and Friday, 8AM to 9PM;
Saturday from Noon to 9PM.
The Liquor Store number is the same as the Restaurant.

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Red Front is turning 45!

On Tuesday, December 12th, 2017, Our Red Front will Turn 45 years old!

It all started on December 12th, 1972 with Nick & Carol Penna purchasing the old Waltz Diner on this corner of N. Clinton Avenue, Andrews Street, and Franklin Street (The streets ran differently back then, in this City, & actually had three streets in the same area). 

FORTY-FIVE YEARS LATER... And, here we still are!
Our secret? Being yourself, and here is who we are:


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Sometimes I get courageous and put a special up on facebook that only lasts for the day.

Twitter? Tweet us at: @RedFrontPlaza

Twitter is BEST for advertising to our patrons, and it is the MAIN source of information, including menus, for Our Red Front?

So, we bascially all have these smart phones,
let's use them to eat, drink,
& become closer friends!

Here's to a better life! Nick, Nick, & the Red Front family

Ever ask yourself what is meant by that??
Well, at the Red Front, we take that to heart!

It means to us, that your burger is fresh and never frozen, and pounded out into our patties every morning. Your eggs & produce come fresh from local-Rochester area farms. Our HOMEMADE Italian Sausage is ground daily.

The next time you are out somewhere, ask your server, "Is this local food? Is it made FRESH EVERYDAY?" If it isn't, then you need to either start, or renew, your membership with us at the Red Front!

 Red Front has been in our family for almost 100 years. She started on Jay Street, on Rochester's Northwest side. Great-Great Grandparents of mine used to chop meat and poultry years ago. We grew up hearing the stories and why the chickens always ran around in the cellar.

Our ancestors that came from Sicily were tradesmen. They knew one trade and everything else was done by a neighbor who knew another trade. SO, why do I state this? Well, peopel ask, "Where did the name 'Red Front' come from?" The answer to that is very simplistic... The First Jay Street Red Front is where my great, great grandfather chopped meat and cut the heads off of the chickens. If you needed a butcher, one went to the store with the RED FRONT. So, there, the origin of our name :)

That was back then, but here and now, we are a multi-faceted family-owned, and operated, business. We serve many different people and generations. And, we offer them more services now than we have ever in the past.

My father, Nick, and I (also Nick), have been working together since 1986 when he used to drag me out of bed on Saturdays to come to work with him. This is what happens when you grow up in an Italian family that owns a business - you get to work! It's been a long time since those days.
Dad and Nick March 2009. SO, We invite you to come in, whether it's your first time or you are renewing your membership, we promise you will enjoy the atmosphere and we guarantee that there will be LIVE entertainment and NO Cover Charge! 

Just remember to "tip your waiters and waitresses, they have families and drug problems of their own."
  (A little I learned from my VH days with David Lee Roth.)

All of Red Front services are dedicated to the memory of the late Carol J Penna (Scarpulla), who died on January 22, 2005. Carol, my mom, was a beautiful person with a strong will while being a mom to many. We all miss you mom!

How we make our food and what inspires us to make it.

We are an Italian Fast-Food Restaurant. Our ancestors were from Sicily and we have been brought up with many old style Sicilian recipes. So, our food comes out with that flare. Our Homemade Italian Sausage is a recipe that has been handed down for 60+ years. I still make my mother's sauces - I especially like the diced tomato sauce the best; Dad likes the plain meat sauce.

Now, we do serve many different types of people. SO, there are some Spanish hints, Southern tastes, and Irish batters in the mix. Basically, you need to try everyone of our dishes. Each has its own style and taste, from the plain hamburg to the tasty Red Front Stromboli. Enjoy and, above all, have fun!

 Red Front's
Food Allergy Policy


If you have a food allergy, or do not eat a certain food type (like PORK), PLEASE inform your server BEFORE ordering. This will allow our staff to accommodate you in the best manner possible.  

BUT, please be informed that we may not be able to accommodate certain allergies. This is due to two facts:

  1. We use a multitude of products that are produced by different manufacturers. These manufacturers may alter their products chemistry at any point, and without any warning.
  2. We are a “fast-food” restaurant and many of our items are produced in the same area as other products that contain allergens. Therefore, inadvertent cross contamination, of these allergen products, may occur, even though not intended.

 Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of these risks. The food allergies may include, but will not be limited to, shellfish, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, dairy, rye, wheat, soy, among many others.  

Red Front Markets, Inc. will not assume ANY liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating at, or from, our facility.




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